How to Make a Crocheted Peacock Feather Blanket {Free Video Tutorial}


1. When I first started learning crochet, I was trying to pick up most of it just following pictures and diagrams, and it was so difficult.

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  1. To find the video of the pattern you need to go to the page numbered 5. This crochet expert gives really clear instructions so that even a complete beginner could tackle this delightful pattern. Good luck

  2. Your instructions do not show how to get the “eye” in the center of the motif. Old hands can figure it out, but crochet newbies might need additional instruction.

  3. Guess I’m confused as an experienced crochet person. You did 3 colors for the “feather” in your video, yet the finished blanket shows 5! Also you only showed how to make onr feather (unfinished in my view) and not how to make blanket back or how to attach feathers to the blanket. HELP!

  4. I notice the “feathers” on the left of the page use 4 colors, but the “feathers” on the blanket itself have 5 colors. Are there different directions for the 5 colors?