This is Where You Getting Fat The Most And We’ll tell You How To Get Rid of It!


1. Overview

We’ve all heard that weight loss can be helped along by moving more and eating less. But when you have all the necessary information about your body type and how that body type gains and loses weight, you will be better equipped to efficiently lose weight and keep it off.

Any form of obesity is generally a risk, but the way fat is distributed can tell you more about your specific health risks. An “android” fat distribution pattern is so called because more men than women exhibit it. You may have heard it described as an “apple” body type, when the waist circumference is greater than that of the hips.
A “gynoid” distribution is most commonly seen in women. This is what many call the “pear” body shape. In this pattern, hip circumference is greater than waist circumference. Of course, some difference in waist and hip circumference is only natural; the magnitude of the ratio counts. To calculate your fat distribution pattern, divide your waist circumference by hip circumference. A ratio of under 0.75 indicates gynoid pattern, while 0.85 or above number indicates an android pattern.

A ratio above 1.0 for men and above 0.8 for women is indicative of a heightened risk for hypertension, type II diabetes, heart disease, gout, and stroke. Even being slightly obese in the android category poses significant risks.