She Crochets Around A Coil Of LED Lights. The End Result? I Need To Make One!


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Inspired by the Light Carpet, Carmen from the popular crochet blog Crafty Queens decided to make one for herself. So, she picked up a cord of LED lights and a few skeins of textile yarn, and began the somewhat complicated crocheting process of forming a coil. Carmen says that first and foremost, make sure the lights are LED. Since they don’t heat up, LED lights are safe and energy-saving.

Scroll down to see the fabulous result. It’s so beautiful that I genuinely want one for my own apartment, and I’m not the only one; this awesome DIY is going viral…

“I’m not a total crochet noob, but I had some difficulty figuring this out,” Crafty Queen writes on her blog. “Soon enough though, I got it right! I’m sharing this tutorial with all of you, to spare you some trial-and-error of your own.

Important: When looking for the lights, make sure that they are LED-lights. As far as I know, these don’t heat up, so there’s less chance of fire hazard. They are safer and energy-saving!”