She Takes A Vase And Creates A Checkerboard With Scotch Tape. Her Reason Why? BRILLIANT!


1. The original dresser.

Finding the perfect dresser is hard work. I would know — I’m on the hunt right now!

I used to have a beautiful dresser for years — light mahogany; lovely, curved details; a big vanity mirror perched atop of it like a glorious crown. I loved this elegant piece of furniture so much that I even named her: Claire — a simple, refined name exuding in class.

But, alas, I ended up giving old Claire away. I was moving and caught in the whirlwind excitement of starting a new life in a new city… I left Claire behind.

But I could never find the perfect, shabby-chic, vintage-inspired dresser I pined for, so I settled for an Ikea number, and boy, has that been a disaster. I thought, “how hard could it be to put together a dresser from Ikea? It’s basically Legos for adults, right?”


I put panels on upside down, hammered screws into the wrong holes, and, by the time I hired a handyman to Frankenstein together the dresser I was slowly destroying, it was already too late. He salvaged what he could of my Ikea disaster, but warned me that this new dresser would probably only hold up for a few years.

Three years later, it’s literally falling apart, and I find myself desperately seeking another Claire.

I wish I had just done what Imgur user yamahaozone did with her old dresser. With just a few new knobs, a mason jar full of milk paint (a homemade cocktail of lemon, skim milk, and acrylic paint), and a whole lot of love, she transformed a Claire into a Clara — a name that’s familiar but new and exuding with fabulous 1920s flair.

Just watching the simple transformation makes me seethe with jealousy. It’s just SO easy…