Handy Dad Builds The Coolest ‘Grass’ Bed For His Backyard!


Jason Hodges’s backyard was just a bland, concrete space that was in desperate need of a little pick-me-up! So, he decided to create a space that will make anyone jealous!

Jason loves the look and feel of mother nature’s carpet, so he decided to design and build an outdoor daybed out of grass!

You will see how this made the perfect little hang out spot, not to mention ideal for a picnic or simply laying out and catching a quick nap!

It starts with the base of a futon. Then comes the headboard and then the top frame where the grass will go. It looks so elegant due to Jason’s finishing touches of charcoal stain. Then, a raised garden is filled with soft leaf buffalo turf. This type of grass is simple to maintain, not to mention totally smooth and soft.

All you need to maintain the grass is a pair of sheers and a little water!

Check it out below!