How To Give Wood A Distressed, Shabby-Chic Look Using Vaseline


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Decorating my home to fit my personal style — and budget — has always been a favorite pastime of mine.

I just love rummaging through yard sales, antique shops, and the sale sections of my favorite home goods stores to find that perfect thing I never knew I needed. Lately, I’ve been getting very in touch with my creative side and trying out a lot more “do it yourself” projects to fix up older items.

In the following video, our team will show you how to easily get that coveted “shabby-chic” look on any piece of wood. We did it with a simple, bare wood slab to make a rustic-looking sign, but as you can see in some of the photos below, this project can be applied to frames, wood sculptures, and old furniture.

After watching this video, I have ideas running rampant through my head. The lived-in, shabby-chic look is perfect for rustic or beach-themed homes and weddings, nurseries, country restaurants, and more. It also makes a great weekend project to do with the kids or for wine night with your girlfriends.